By enrolling into a course with PrimaryITO or with partner organisation the (Trainee) is granted user access to the selected course (Course) and the relevant resources hosted on PrimaryITO Moodle LMS

The objective of this agreement is to enable the trainee to participate in a course for which the trainee may achieve unit standards, which can lead onto a prescribed Limited Credit Programme or Supplementary Credit Programme, New Zealand Certificate or New Zealand Diploma qualification.

Where a trainee enrols with another Industry Training Organisation (ITO) at any time during a course, Primary ITO reserves the right to adjust services/ subsidies and programme fees to accommodate any adjustment to government funding and the requirements.


By enrolling into a course with PrimaryITO or with partner organisation the trainee authorises Primary ITO to collect, use and disclose the Trainee's personal information for the purpose set out in these terms and conditions and as outlined below.

The Trainee agrees to Primary ITO:

a) disclosing the Trainee's personal information to third parties to organise, deliver and report completion of the Course(s), as required;

b) disclosing information about the Trainee's progress to a Trainee's employer, agency or franchise

c) disclosing information about the Trainee to Tertiary Education Commission for the purpose of checking study entitlements and reporting purposes, NZQA for recording achievement, Industry Good Bodies supporting training, and research companies acting on Primary ITOs behalf; and

d) using the Trainee's contact details during the Course and after its completion, for marketing purposes

e) any expenses incurred by the Trainee in relation to the Course are the responsibility of the Trainee

f) On completion of the Course, the Trainee's access to the online platform and the course materials will be disabled within 14 days of completion.

g) The Trainee confirms that their employer's permission to refer to or reference operation procedures and/or practices where necessary to undertake the Course has been obtained by the Trainee.


Course participation

 During the Course the Trainee will:

a) Observe all health and safety policies of his or her employer and will comply with any relevant obligations imposed on them under health and safety legislation; and

b) behave in a manner consistent with the code of conduct of Primary ITO which will be provided to the Trainee on request, and the Trainee's employer, where relevant.

If the Trainee fails to comply with any of the policies or codes as required by clause above, or in the opinion of Primary ITO behaves inappropriately, Primary ITO may, at its sole discretion, remove that Trainee from the Course.



All course materials and anything published in any form by Primary ITO or its associated entities or persons, including but not limited to text, graphics, audio or video segments, logos, or registered trademarks (the Materials), are the property of Primary ITO and/or are used by Primary ITO under a licence. Such Materials may not be used, copied or reproduced in whole or in part, for any purpose, without Primary ITO’s prior written permission. Primary ITO grants the Trainee a licence to access and use the Materials during the Course.

Questions regarding content or copyright permission should be directed to Primary ITO at: The Chief Executive, Primary ITO, PO Box 10-383, Wellington 6143, New Zealand, or on 0800 208 020.



  • Primary ITO will endeavour to meet its obligations consistently during the Course to allow Trainees access to learning and assessment content but does not warrant that the access will be uninterrupted or free from errors.
  • The Trainee's participation in the Course is at the Trainee's own risk. Accordingly Primary ITO will not be liable to the Trainee for any loss to the Trainee or damage to the Trainee's property that occurs during the Course.
  • Prices, dates, content and facilitators of the Course are subject to change, at any time, at the discretion of Primary ITO.
  • Primary ITO may cancel programmes at its discretion. When a programme is cancelled, participants will be notified as soon as possible and may elect to have their fees refunded in full or to enrol in an alternative programme with equivalent monetary value. 
  • Please see here for more details on the Code of Client Rights